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Seth Godin and Simplicity

March 27, 2010 1 comment

Lately I have been working with brands discussing their web presence. One common problem I have encountered is the concept that sub-par content can be overcome with great design.

What do I  do when these issues come up?

I point to blogs that aren’t flashy but are still great. Seth Godin is the master of simplicity. Seth doesn’t waste effort on graphics and flash instead he offers great pointed content that is free of distraction.

A blog is about telling a story… A real story. Brands naturally want to rely on flashy design because telling stories is so difficult. Brands that can’t tell their story struggle with blogging and social media in general.

So if you are new to blogging ask your self… What is the story I want to tell?

That is your starting point! Your story will guide your success.  Brands/people that attempt to use success to dive their stories are almost never successful!


Lets Drop With The New Puck Drop

November 25, 2009 1 comment

Welcome to the first ever post, of hockey on a bus. I’m very excited and I will make it a personal goal to review at least 2 blogs a week.

Today is Puck Drop Wednesday because today the new Puck Drop site went live. Puck Drop is a very cool blog using a collaboration method to track events and happenings in the NHL. He includes his twitter feed (I think every blogger should) and he has a blog roll small enough that its useful yet large enough that it adds value.

On to the actual review

The simplicity here is important… its a blog about content not flash, but some may feel that its too stripped down. However it is very easy to navigate.

I would like to see the authors a highlighted a little better… they are on the bottom of his sidebar I’d argue he should probably have it at or near the top.

When you select an author you are guided to a page that includes a side bar and their articles. I would probably also add a twitter feed in the side bar for each author as well (which may be in the works)… Featured here is a the feed of allhabs.


Please comment/rate the reviewed blog below…  Also let me know of any blogs you would want me to review either by emailing me at or Twitter me @mhandy1

We are not exclusive to Hockey!